Why Diversity Matters (Selfishly)

Imagine your life is a dinner party you are hosting in your home. There are three levels of diversity you can add to your event:

  1. Let everyone come sit at your table
  2. Encourage everyone to bring their favorite dish - and taste as many as you reasonably can
  3. Invite any of your guests to give you a cooking lesson

Let's all level up, people. Because if we sit down every day and eat our favorite dish, we'll all die malnourished.


On Service to the Research Community

My friend Joel Tetreault is the founder of the “Computational Linguistics / NLP Conferences Calendar”, which he maintained from 2004 to 2016. This calendar is manually and expertly curated, giving high precision; also, since Joel was very reliable about adding conferences to it many conference organizers learned to let him know about upcoming deadlines, giving high recall.


Museum of Mathematics, George Hart, Vi Hart

Hooray for the opening of the Museum of Mathematics in NYC today! On this momentous occasion, I would like to shout out to two mathematicians I think show the joy, elegance and beauty of maths. And they are:

George Hart, a mathematician and musician I was privileged to know at Stony Brook University. A wonderful educator, as well as someone who really knows how to bring mathematics to life through sculpture and to "crowd source" it through his sculpture "barn raisings".


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