Brief CV

Research Interests

Text analytics, dialog, natural language generation, computational theories of discourse.


University of Rochester, NY PhD, computer science 1996-2001
Houghton College, NY BA, mathematics and music 1992-1996

Professional Experience

Bloomberg LP, NY NLP architect 2016-present
Yahoo! Labs, NY Principal Research Scientist 2013-2016
AT&T Labs - Research, NJ Principal Member Technical Staff 2007-2013
Computer Science Dept., Stony Brook University, NY

(secondary appt. in Psychology)
Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

AT&T Labs - Research, NJ Consultant/Post-doctoral Researcher 2001-2002
Eastman Kodak, NY Intern 2000
SRI International Intern 1998
University of Rochester, NY Research Assistant 1996-2001

Selected Publications

  • Stent, A., Dowding, J., Gawron, J.-M., Bratt, E. O. & Moore, R. (1999). The CommandTalk spoken dialogue system. In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).
  • Allen, J., Ferguson, G. & Stent, A. (2001). An Architecture for More Realistic Conversational Systems. In Proceedings of the Intelligent User Interfaces Conference (IUI).
  • Johnston, M., Bangalore, S., Vasireddy, G., Stent, A., Ehlen, P., Walker, M. et al. (2002). MATCH: An architecture for multimodal dialogue systems. In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).
  • Stent, A. (2002). A conversation acts model for generating spoken dialogue contributions. Computer Speech and Language special issue on Spoken Language Generation, 16(3-4), 313-352.
  • Walker, M., Stent, A., Mairesse, F. & Prasad, R. (2007). Individual and domain adaptation in sentence planning for dialogue. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 30, 413-456.
  • Stent, A., Huffman, M. & Brennan, S. (2008). Adapting speaking after evidence of misrecognition: Local and global hyperarticulation. Speech Communication, 50(3), 163-178.
  • Stoyanchev, S. & Stent, A. (2012). Concept type prediction and responsive adaptation in a dialogue system. Dialogue & Discourse, 3(1).
  • Lee, S. & Stent, A. (2016). Task lineages: Dialog state tracking for flexible interaction. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL. (best paper award winner)
  • Li, J. J., Thadani, K. & Stent, A. (2016). The role of discourse units in near-extractive summarization. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL. (best paper award nominee)